Greg Casto

Evangelist Greg Casto has experienced many signs, wonders and miracles as promised by God’s powerful word. He pastored the Spirit Life Church of God in Pasadena, Texas for two and a half years. And he also serves as the Ministries Director of the T. L. Lowery Global Foundation in Cleveland, Tennessee alongside his spiritual father, Dr. T. L. Lowery. Greg now is a great leader and has also become a spiritual father to many sons and daughters.

Throughout his ministry, Greg Casto has seen God’s power manifested in the lives of many. He has witnessed many miracles due to God’s supernatural healing power such as:

  • The crippled rising up from wheelchairs fully healed
  • Cataracts literally flowing down people’s faces from their eyes
  • And four people brought back to life
  • God totally restoring a woman’s hearing
  • Two women receiving their total sight back after being blind for a number of years.
  • And many have been healed of cancer after the power of God has touched their bodies as they have gone through the healing line.

Greg Casto believes in the power of Pentecost and that with God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

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